Falcon and Raven in Slow Motion References

Amazing bird flight references in super slow motion!!!!!!!!

The Innovation of Loneliness by Shimi Cohen

Very nice animation regarding modern times and technology. The message is very catchy but I am not entirely sure if I would agree with it under every aspect. However it is artistically well done so ENJOY!!!!

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Opening Cinematic

Blizzard has done it again..... this is Incredible

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer

Very impressive cinematic for the new Witcher game. The animation is strange at times but overall the clip is a gem of CG.

Preview of Wander Over Yonder -- The Picnic via Disney

Very well done tv show. I can't wait for this to be on air

Wander Over Yonder Title Sequence

This is a new tv show that Disney is producing and looks sooo good!!!!

Studio AKA Danone Danio commercial

Another super well done add from the creative Studio AKA


Created by
Joost de Jong - Lead Animation
Nick Groeneveld - Art Direction
Jeroen Hoolmans - Pipeline Technical Director
Michael Koning - Technical Director

I dunno if the story, the characters or the models r the strangest I have seen in a long time but this short is really well done.

Adventure Time Title in LEGO

This is one of my favourite Cartoon done by one of my favourite toy!!!!!

"Distance" - Gobelins

Another amazing Gobelins'graduation film directed by Tom Law, Jonathan Vermersch, Todd Dejong and Etienne Metois

Bee and PuppyCat

A new cartoon that seems to be promising :)

FROZEN Clip - "That's no blizzard...that's my SISTER!" Disney

More footage of the new Disney feature Frozen. What do you guys think?! The texturing of the snow monster is soooo well done!!!

Fortune Elephant Dream

Very cute short from the BUF artist OLIVIER LOURRY. For some reasons it feels like it is encouraging gambling.....
The complaining GF/wife is the perfect touch ;)

“Strange Oaks” by Headless Productions

Very nice short from one of my favourite Spanish studio "Headless Productions"

“Lady with Long Hair” by Barbara Bakos

My grandmother passed away recently and this can only remind me of her. I miss you a lot and I hope u r happy in grandpa's arms now :_)

"Contre Temps" from the Supinfocom Arles

Contre temps from Contre temps Team on Vimeo.

Directed by:
Jérémi Boutelet: jeremi-boutelet.com
Thibaud Clergue: thy-works.blogspot.fr
Tristan Ménard: tristanmenard.com
Camille Perrin: camilleperrin.fr
Gaël Megherbi: gael.m.over-blog.com
Lucas Veber: lucky3d.fr
Music by Nathan Blais & Sylvain Livenais:


Daniele Mieli's Experience:


Character Animator on the features: Ant-Man 2, Justice League, Tomb Raider.

Animation on Ant-Man, Wasp, Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, Cyborg and Lara Croft.

(August 2016 to Present)

Bardel Entertainment

Character Animator on the feature "The prophet", Vancouver.

Animation of the hero characters.

(Octobet 2013 to August 2016)

Sony Imageworks

Character Animator at Sony Imageworks animation, Vancouver.

Animation of the Smurfs, duck and cat on the "Smurfs 2" film

(January 2013 to April).

LucasFilm Feature

Character Animator at Lucasfilm Feature animation, Singapore.

Lucasfilm Animated Feature

(March 2011 to October 2012).


Character animator at Double Negative, London.

Animation on the main character Paul

(March 2009 to July 2010)

IronMan 2

Character animator at Double Negative, London.

Animation Iron Man and Whiplash .

(December 2009 to March 2010)

Planet 51

Character Animator at Ilion Animation Studios.

Animation on the main characters Lem, Chuck and all of the cast

(July 2008 to April 2009)

Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Animator at MPC.

Animation of Centaurs, Fauns, Satyrs and Minotaurs.

(Sept 2007 to April 2008)

PIXAR Course

Admitted through Demo-Reel submission to PIXAR Animation Course taught by PIXAR Lead Animator Robert Podesta and PIXAR Animator Matt Majers.