Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

A new 6 episode tv series from BBC done by Animal logic

“Rob ‘n’ Ron” Aims for Cartoony CGI

Rob 'n' Ron from Tumblehead on Vimeo.

Verry stylish and cute animation that uses CG and real footage in a incredibly smart manner.

"My Happy End" by Milen Vitanov

Very cute short about a dog and it's tail.
By: Milen Vitanov


Another amazing, romantic and super well made short from the Gobelins school......
Soooo much talent

The Longest Road by: Mandy Wyckens

Very nice short from Mandy Wyckens about a journey....

Gravity - Official Main Trailer [2K HD]

This is looking amazing!!!! Well done Framestore!!!!


Very nice animation that goes back to the classic side scrolling fighter arcade games.

Blue Sky Title animation

A new animation of the Blue Sky logo done by the incredibly talented Jeff Gabor.

"Un Conte" by Gobleins

Another impressive short by Gobelins. This one is very touching....

Radio 2's Darkside Teaser

A very interesting trailer ,done by Aardman, for a BBC's radio show regarding the Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" Album.

Late Night Work Club presents GHOST STORIES

This is a collection of ghost stories that are really amazing. All of them r really well executed and touching in some sense.
This is the list of the shorts:
I Will Miss You by Dave Prosser
The Jump by Charles Huettner
The American Dream by Sean Buckelew
Mountain Ash by Jake Armstrong and Erin Kilkenny
Rat Trap by Caleb Wood
Loose Ends by Louise Bagnall
Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg
Asshole by Conor Finnegan
Ombilda by Ciaran Duffy
Post Personal by Eamonn O’Neill
Last Lives by Scott Benson


Wow, this is truly amazing. The colour, the animation, the power.... Very well done


Daniele Mieli's Experience:


Character Animator on the features: Ant-Man 2, Justice League, Tomb Raider.

Animation on Ant-Man, Wasp, Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, Cyborg and Lara Croft.

(August 2016 to Present)

Bardel Entertainment

Character Animator on the feature "The prophet", Vancouver.

Animation of the hero characters.

(Octobet 2013 to August 2016)

Sony Imageworks

Character Animator at Sony Imageworks animation, Vancouver.

Animation of the Smurfs, duck and cat on the "Smurfs 2" film

(January 2013 to April).

LucasFilm Feature

Character Animator at Lucasfilm Feature animation, Singapore.

Lucasfilm Animated Feature

(March 2011 to October 2012).


Character animator at Double Negative, London.

Animation on the main character Paul

(March 2009 to July 2010)

IronMan 2

Character animator at Double Negative, London.

Animation Iron Man and Whiplash .

(December 2009 to March 2010)

Planet 51

Character Animator at Ilion Animation Studios.

Animation on the main characters Lem, Chuck and all of the cast

(July 2008 to April 2009)

Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Animator at MPC.

Animation of Centaurs, Fauns, Satyrs and Minotaurs.

(Sept 2007 to April 2008)

PIXAR Course

Admitted through Demo-Reel submission to PIXAR Animation Course taught by PIXAR Lead Animator Robert Podesta and PIXAR Animator Matt Majers.