"Rise of the guardians" Very well done

Yesterday I went to watch "Rise of the guardians". It was a Saturday night screening at the 21:30(9:30 P.M.)show and the theater was full of kids. Well, it was a very nice screening with an incredible responsive audience. Everybody was laughing a jumping together with the film and everybody enjoyed the show. This means that it worked for its target audience.

As for me I found the film visually well done. The animation was PHENOMENAL (The first sequence is just perfect), the modeling of Jack Frost has A LOT OF CHARACTER, the effects were amazing and overall the technical quality of the film was very, very high. I am very impressed by the quality that Dreamworks is producing these days. The story lacked of something... Like a song without a base line, but the characters were strong and consistent.

 The only bad notes that I can find are about: The character of the "greyhound" was just off the mark and SPOILER ALERT the "Tooth  delivery" sequence was animated a bit too cartoony (Still, amazing animation work with great acting and spot on timing of movements...just it was not consistent with the animation style of the entire film)...

I really really want to congratulate everyone that worked on it. Well done ppl! These r the films that make kids (and adults) want to be part of this magic industry.

P.S. Finally Dreamworks makes very good human characters!!!


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Animation on Ant-Man, Wasp, Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, Cyborg and Lara Croft.

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Character Animator on the feature "The prophet", Vancouver.

Animation of the hero characters.

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